Eastern Wildlife Damage Control Conferences


Date of this Version

November 1995


ADC personnel use many wildlife damage control methods including pesticide products. This paper presents a national overview of the kinds and amounts of chemical pesticides used by ADC in direct control activities during Fiscal Years (FY) 1988-1991. The pesticides used by ADC included aluminum phosphide, 4-aminopyridine, bone tar oil, brodifacoum, carbon, alpha-chloralose, cholecalciferol, DRC-1339, fenthion, glyphosate, immobilizing & euthanizing drugs, mineral oil, PA-14, phosphorus, polybutene, sodium cyanide, sodium fluoroacetate, sodium nitrate, strychnine, sulfur, and zinc phosphide. This summary shows that ADC personnel used remarkably small amounts of chemicals during FY 19881991. Overall amounts of pesticides used by ADC have changed little since that time period, although uses of some pesticide products have decreased (PA-14 and strychnine) while others increased (repellents, glyphosate, alpha-chloralose, and the Compound 1080 LPC). Pesticide uses by ADC program personnel are increasingly limited, selective, and environmentally safe if not environmentally benign.