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List of Participants

Proceedings of the Eighth Eastern Wildlife Damage Management Conference

Development of a Double-Crested Cormorant Damage Management Plan for the Southeastern United States, Keith J. Andrews, Pete Poulos, Charles (Bo) Sloan, Jerrold L. Belant, Paige G. Ross, and Paul DeBow

Efficacy of Deer Stopper™ Repellent for Reducing White-Tailed Deer Damage to Ornamental Plantings, James B. Armstrong, M. Keith Causey, and John T. Owen

Repellency of Methyl Anthranilate to Captive Great Egrets (Poster Abstract), Michael L. Avery, John S. Humphrey, and David G. Decker

Nesting Populations of Double-Crested Cormorants, Great Blue Herons, and Great Egrets in the United States and Canada: Implications for Management, Jerrold L. Belant and Laura A. Tyson

Wildlife Damage to Agricultural Crops in Pennsylvania: The Farmers’ Perspective, Margaret C. Brittingham, Walter M. Tzilkowski, James M. Zeidler, and Matthew J. Lovallo

Double-Crested Cormorant and Ring-Billed Gull Damage Management on Lake Champlain: Are Basin-Wide Objectives Achievable?, Richard Chipman, Dennis Slate, Larry Garland, and David Capen

Historical Forces Shaping Americans’ Perceptions of Wildlife and Human-Wildlife Conflicts, Michael R. Conover and Denise O. Conover

The Legal Roles and Responsibilities of a Community Concerning Crop Depredation by White-Tailed Deer, Eric G. Darracq and Stephen R. Chapman

Attempted Relocation of a Ring-Billed Gull Roost at Washington National Report, Jessica Dewey and Martin Lowney

Bird Abundance at Accomack County Southern Landfill, Melfa, Virginia, in Relation to Various Management Activities, Laura Francoeur and Martin Lowney

An Evaluation of Farmer Applications of Deer Damage Controls, Peter Fritzell Jr., Glenn Dudderar, and R. Ben Peyton

Vertebrate Damage Management: The Future of an Evolving Profession, Robert H. Giles Jr.

Controlling Great-Tailed Grackle Damage to Citrus in the Lower Rio Grande Valley, Texas, James F. Glahn, Jose D. Palacios, and Melvin Garrison

Developing Urban Deer Management Plans: The Need for Public Education, Deborah Green, Glen R. Askins, and Phillip D. West

The Use of GIS to Delineate Potential Urban Deer Habitat, David M. Kocka and Frederick M. Garst

Private Nuisance Wildlife Control: Is There A Future in Kansas?, Charles D. Lee, Philip Gipson, and Lucas Koch

Potential Demand for Programs on Nuisance Wildlife Among Wildlife-Related Program Offerings to Urban/Suburban Organizations (Poster Abstract), S. M. Leslie, P. F. Scanlon, and O. T. Clarke

The Mass Media and Stakeholders’ Beliefs About Suburban Wildlife, Cynthia A. Loker, James Shanahan, and Daniel J. Decker

Development of an Integrated Canada Goose Management Program in Virginia, Martin Lowney, Phil Eggborn, Gary Costanzo, and Don Patterson

Development of the Virginia Cooperative Coyote Control Program to Protect Livestock, Martin Lowney, John Houben, and Phil Eggborn

Conference Summary: What Have We Learned? Where Do We Go From Here?, James E. Miller

The Press and Citizen Participation: A Content Analysis, Lisa Pelstring, James Shanahan, and Ben Perry

Cost Comparisons for White-Tailed Deer Live Capture Techniques, Robert L. Pooler, Paul D. Curtis, and Milo E. Richmond

Conservation of a Dinosaur in Modern Times: South Carolina’s Alligator Management Program, Walter E. Rhodes

Enhancement of Deer Repellent Efficacy With visual Cues, Milo E. Richmond and James J. Messina

What Do Driver’s Education Manuals Contain Relative To Wildlife and Animal Dangers on Roads? (Poster Abstract), A. L. Robinson

Do You Have Your Skates On?, Gary J. San Julian

Characteristics of Gray Squirrel Release Sites Selected by Kentucky Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators, Sara Steen-Ash, Thomas G. Barnes, Jeff T. Hutchinson, Jeffrey L. Larkin, Brian E. Washburn, Jason L. Weese, and Henry F. Yacek Jr.

Aldo Leopold’s Land Ethic: Implications for Predator Management, Johnny Stowe

Response from Cooperative Extension Personnel to Citizen Requests for Information about Wildlife (Poster Abstract), Shannon Thurston and Gary J. San Julian

Electric Fencing Reduces Heron Predation at Northeastern Trout Hatcheries, Mark E. Tobin, James F. Glahn, and Erica S. Rasmussen

Deer Damage Incurred by Homeowners During 1995 in Virginia, Ben C. West and James A. Parkhurst

Wildlife-Caused Losses for Catfish Producers in 1996, Alice P. Wywialowski