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Published in Proceedings of the Eighth Eastern Wildlife Damage Management Conference, Roanoke, Virginia, October 16–19, 1997, edited by James A. Parkhurst. Copyright © 1997 by the authors.


During March 13 - July 16, 1996, we captured 75 white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) using dart guns, rocket nets, and Clover traps on the Seneca Army Depot in Romulus, New York. We compared the labor and cost efficiency of these trapping techniques and reported on mortalities. Darting from a vehicle ($196/deer), and rocket-netting ($172/deer) were similar in time and cost efficiency. Darting from a blind was more costly ($358/deer) due to minimal time devoted to the technique and a high initial material investment. Clover traps were relatively inefficient (15.2 hours/deer) and costly ($895/deer), primarily due to a lack of snow. Materials comprised most of the total cost for all methods. Darting from a vehicle had the highest mortality (9.5%, n=2 of 21). Cost efficiency for all trapping techniques was poorly represented in the literature.