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This NebGuide discusses issues that should be considered when sewing for children.

Sewing for children can be great fun and a real opportunity to express your creativity. Before you decide to sew, however, ask yourself these questions:

Do I have enough skill to make the garment satisfactorily?

Do I own a sewing machine that is in good operating condition?

Do I have time to sew?

Do I enjoy sewing?

Will the finished garment be a source of pride for me and my child?

Am I able to determine which garments can be made at home at a real savings, and which ones would be better to buy?

Can I make a garment with better design qualities, self-help and growth features than the one I would purchase?

Can I make a garment with better quality fabric and workmanship that those found on the market for the same price?

If most of your answers are yes, get ready to measure!