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Here's a Look at What's Ahead in the Pollution Prevention: A Tool Kit for Metal Finishers:

• Pollution Prevention Contacts for EPA Regions VII and VIII>
• Why the Concern About Waste?>
• Getting Off to a Good Start>
• Hazardous Waste>
• Material Safety Data Sheets>
• Material Safety Data Sheets — A Closer Look>
• Pollution Prevention Strategies for Your Business, Through Changes in: Housekeeping and Maintenance, Inventory, Basic Operations, Equipment, Raw Materials, Process Technology, Waste Exchanges and Recycling>
• Ready to Begin Preventing Pollution?>
• Yard Waste, A Growing Concern>
• Blow Your Horn! Publicize Your Pollution Prevention Efforts>
• Worksheets: A more in-depth look at waste assessment, costs of processes, screening pollution prevention options, technical feasibility, economic feasibility, pollution prevention option summary, evaluation of pollution prevention project