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The governors of Nebraska, Colorado and Wyoming and the Secretary of the Interior signed a historic agreement on July 1, 1997. This agreement addresses endangered species issues affecting the Platte River Basin upstream of its confluence with the Loup River. The Cooperative Agreement for Platte River Research and Other Efforts Relating to Endangered Species Habitats Along the Central Platte River, Nebraska provides funding and an administrative structure to allow the states and the federal government to work together in enhancing water and land resources for endangered species. The agreement has two main objectives: 1. To develop and implement a "recovery implementation program" to improve and conserve habitat for four threatened and endangered species: whooping crane, piping plover, least tern and pallid sturgeon. 2. To enable existing and new water uses in the Platte River Watershed to proceed without actions beyond the Program for the four species under the Endangered Species Act. This NebFact discusses the publication participation, proposed program, and committee structure of this cooperative agreement.