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One of the major thrusts of all University of Nebraska weed science faculty is the Guide for Weed Management in Nebraska. This guide is not just the work of one or two people, rather it is a joint effort of all the authors to produce a comprehensive, information-packed resource. Each weed science faculty member is responsible for particular sections of the guide. The process of reviewing the current content, checking labels and research data and updating the content can be an extensive process. Each year new herbicide active ingredients and trade names are introduced and figuring out what a herbicide is and what it can control can be a sizeable task. The authors also meet twice a year to discuss feedback from readers, how the current guide is being used, and what changes should be made in the future. This circular deals principally with herbicides as an aid for crop production. The suggestions for use are based on results at Nebraska research centers and elsewhere. Consult product labels for additional information.