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The Nebraska Master Mix can be used to make many dishes easily. The homemade mix offers the advantage, over bought mixes, of choosing your own combination of ingredients. For example, you may want to try the whole wheat version with margarine for a deliciously different mix. Simple meals and leftovers can be sparked up by adding a homemade hotbread or other food made from the Nebraska Master Mix.

The Nebraska Master Mix is lower in fat than some but gives very good results. Sugar has been reduced in some of the recipes, but other ingredients have been used to enhance flavor. Thus in banana bread only 1/4 cup sugar is used but more banana is called for than in traditional recipes. Families of one or two may prefer to halve the MIX and very large families double it.

This Home Extension Guide includes recipes for the Nebraska Master Mix, breads, pancakes, tortillas, turnovers, pizza dough, coffee cake, brownies, and cookies.