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Your house should be a safe, comfortable place that is affordable and durable. How a home is constructed, insulated, and heated and cooled directly affects how well it meets these objectives. A house is affordable only when costs for heating and cooling are reasonable. Energy bills are lowest if a home is tightly air-sealed and properly insulated and if all mechanical systems are operating efficiently. Before extensively air-sealing your home, it is critical to ensure that doing so will not cause health or moisture problems by examining adequate air intake. Above, all else, your home must be a healthy place to live.

This fact sheet will help you identify possible problems with your home heating system, duct system, and the house envelope (the foundation, floors, walls, ceilings, and roof). It covers: combustion heating appliance ventilation safety; energy consumption; and energy efficiency (heating/cooling systems, air sealing and insulation, and domestic hot water).