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© 1954, The Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska on behalf of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln Extension. All rights reserved.


Some farm families in Nebraska want to build new houses. Many others are planning to remodel. These families will be asking architects, engineers, builders, contractors, and dealers for plans that meet their needs. Thus, farmhouse plans should be developed that provide for the basic needs of all farm families and that are adaptable to special requirements of some families.

This 1954 bulletin reports the results of a survey of Nebraska farm family preferences, activities and possessions as they are related to housing needs. The study was part of a cooperative research project for the improvement of farm family housing in the North Central Region.

The purpose of the study in Nebraska was three-fold:

  1. To interpret the housing needs of farm families of the state.
  2. To determine the difference in housing needs and preferences of farm families residing in different areas of the state, and of those varying in family income, family composition and farm tenure.
  3. To identify the ways in which the housing needs and preferences of farm families in Nebraska are different from those of the North Central Region.