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© 1958, The Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska on behalf of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln Extension. All rights reserved.


In this manuscript, data are presented regarding the space and characteristics of multistory tee-shaped farmhouses. The tee house is shaped like the letter "t", one wing perpendicular to the main portion of the house in such a way that the main portion projects on each side.

The multistory tee house as found to be most prevalent in the areas of Nebraska included in this study. The sample comprised houses chosen by a method of random sampling. A personal interview was made at each farmhouse by a home economist and an agricultural engineer. Detailed measurements of the entire house and a sketch of the farmstead were made.

This research bulletin from 1958 discusses: the characteristics of the tee-shaped farmhouse of more than one story, the building site, the age of the house, the exterior and interior, the house plan, modernization, remodeling, the characteristics of the family, and the space standards.