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© 1933, The Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska on behalf of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln Extension. All rights reserved.


Bread in some form is one article of food that is served on the table three times a day. No other single article of food has as constant a place in the daily menu. Bread is often the main item for breakfasts and suppers. The combination of bread and milk lends itself to an economical meal.

Breadmaking is not a difficult task. The splendid flours and reliable yeasts which are available have done much in helping to assure success in breadmaking. Home baking offers opportunities for variety in menus at low cost.

This 1933 extension circular discusses the principle ingredients used in breadmaking: flour, milk, fat and yeast. Since these are farm products, their food values are more familiar than many of the other foods included in the diet. It includes recipes on making homemade dry yeast, liquid yeasts, potato rolls and much more.