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© 1946, The Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska on behalf of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln Extension. All rights reserved.


I have often dreamed of having a kitchen which would be cheerful, convenient, cleanable, and comfortable. If we should build a new home, and I could create my dream kitchen, it would fit the needs of my family, our living habits, our standards of meal preparation and serving, the equipment we could afford, and the amount of help and company we are likely to have.

After looking at pictures and plans, reading literature, and talking to others, I believe that step-saving, workable kitchens don't just happen. There evidently are some basic principles to follow. Several years' experience can give a woman some ideas. If I can combine mine with some of the fundamental principles and keep the needs of my family in mind, maybe my dream kitchen can come true.

This 1946 Extension Circular discusses the size; cleaning, serving, and work centers; step-saving features; easy cleaning; color; and a helpful checklist in designing a new kitchen.