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University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension CC 395
Print Date: May 1996
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Welcome to The Independent Study Course for Child Caregivers. Learning about children and ourselves is a lifelong process. Hopefully, you are planning to learn as much as you can for as long as you live. Some of the material in this book may be very familiar to you. This independent study course will help reinforce what you already know, encourage you to continue good practices and give you new knowledge.

This independent study course is designed to be used by Nebraska child caregivers to obtain training hours that will meet the standards of annual inservice requirements of the Nebraska Department of Social Services and the Child and Adult Care Food Program. Eleven clock hours of training are offered through this course. The subject matter is designed for directors and staff members in child care centers but is suitable for family child caregivers.

Food preparation and the USDA meal pattern requirements
Mealtime behavior: The feeding relationship
Food safety
The caregiver
Establishing and maintaining a healthy learning environment
Establishing and maintaining a safe learning environment
How children ages three to five grow and learn
How to select activities that are developmentally appropriate
Children with special needs
Guidance and discipline
Evaluation sheets and instructions for mailing

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