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Baking with yeast is one of the nicest ways to treat your family and friends. Mixing the dough is easy and shaping it is fun. You can have that wonderful feeling of accomplishment when you serve fragrant, delicious, homemade rolls. . The quick mix method of making yeast rolls saves both time and energy. The yeast is mixed with a portion of the dry ingredients. Soft shortening and warm liquid are added and the mixture is beaten with an electric mixer to speed up gluten development. The remainder of the flour is stirred in by hand and the dough is kneaded to complete the mixing. This method is possible because instant blending dry yeast is fine-grained and blends easily with other ingredients.

Sweet Roll Dough, Italian Bread Sticks, English Muffins, Crispies, Sausage Pizza, Kulich, Orange Coffee Cake, Runzas