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EC 72-786


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1. Q. What is a natural resources district (NRD)? A. A natural resources district is a political subdivision of the State of Nebraska which consolidates the functions of several existing types of resource-related special purpose districts.

2. Q. What types of existing districts are consolidated into the new natural resources districts? A. All of the following types of districts are to cease their individual existence and become part of the natural resources districts: (a) Soil and water conservation districts. (b) Watershed conservancy districts. (c) Watershed districts. (d) Advisory watershed improvement boards. (e) Watershed planning boards.

3. Q. On what date will this consolidation take place so that the NRD's may begin operation? A. July 1,1972.

4. Q. How many NRD's are there and how many existing districts will they replace? A. Twenty-four N R D's encompassing all of the State will replace 154 presently existing districts.

5. Q. What other types of special purpose districts related to natural resources are there in Nebraska?