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University of Nebraska Extension, NebGuide G1335 • Index: Soil Management Fertility • 2006, Revised June 2021



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This NebGuide discusses the availability and use of manure nutrients for field crop production. When managed correctly, nutrients in livestock manure can be a valuable resource. When managed improperly, however, these same nutrients represent a potential environmental pollutant. Accurate crediting of manure nutrients within a total crop nutrient program is fundamental to utilizing manure as a resource. This NebGuide illustrates how to estimate the crop available manure nutrients (part c, Figure 1) and calculate an agronomically based manure application rate. There are other tools available that do the calculations for you. This NebGuide will explain each step of the process. After understanding how and why these calculations are made, the tools offer fast and accurate ways to work with multiple fields and manure sources. To illustrate the calculations, an example calculation is provided and a worksheet is included, allowing you to determine manure availability for your situation.