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Annual Report of University of Nebraska-Lincoln Dairy Research for 2001-2002. Topics include:

Optimal Replacement of Forage and Concentrate with a New Wet Corn Milling Product for Lactating Dairy Cows

Evaluation of Alternative Sources of Rumen Undegradable Protein with Wet Corn Milling Products for Dairy Cattle

Effect of Wet Corn Gluten Feed on Growth and Nutrient Digestibility of Dairy Heifers

Quality of Corn Silage and Wet Corn Gluten Feed Ensiled Together in Mini Silos

Use of Bt Corn Silage and Grain by Lactating Dairy Cattle

Effect of Nonenzymatically Browned Sunflower Seeds on Ruminal Fermentation and Milk Composition

Carbohydrate Composition of Commonly Used Feedstuffs in the Midwestern United States

Impact of Use of Bovine Somatotropin on Genetic Evaluation of Dairy Cows

Divergent Selection for Predicted Transmitting Ability for Type in Holsteins

Effect of Time of Initiation of the Breeding Program and Bovine Somatotropin Supplementation

on Reproduction

Tunnel Ventilation for Freestall Dairy Facilities versus Natural Ventilation with Supplemental

Cooling Fans

Financial Performance of Dairy Herds in Nebraska

Nebraska Dairy Web Site

Dairy Technician Certification Program

Mid America International Agricultural Consortium (MIAC)

Dairy Research Herd Report