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Published by University of Nebraska ─ Lincoln Extension Division Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources and the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality. Copyright © University of Nebraska – Lincoln.


This booklet is designed to be used with the "Calibration" section of the Using Chemigation Safely and Effectively training DVD. The workbook examples correspond with the DVD presentation. During the presentation, you are encouraged to ask questions, and work through the calculations in this workbook and use it as a reference in the field.
Example calculations are included for applying insecticides, and fertilizers through center-pivots. However, they represent the simplest situations of calibrating a center-pivot irrigation system. To calibrate other irrigation system types such as, a corner system or a system with intermittent use of an end gun, requires additional calculations. Equations for other system configurations are presented in the Chemigation Manual. Additional calibration problems are provided in Appendix I.
NOTE: Persons who use a calculator with a built-in pi (B) function to do the calculations may get slightly different answers from those given in the video and in this workbook.

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