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Johnson, L. J., and C. A. Shapiro. 2013. Interactive Displays on Environmental Stewardship for General Agriculture Audiences. In Proceedings of Waste to Worth 2013. April 1-5, 2013. Denver, CO. ; https://www.slideshare.net/LPELC/interactive-displays-on-environmental-stewardship-for-general-agricultural-audiences?from_action=save


Extension displays are not always easy to develop. Interactive displays for general audiences are even more difficult. Each year, the University of Nebraska – Lincoln develops multiple displays for Husker Harvest Days, a Nebraska-based agricultural trade show. The University’s 2012 theme was “Strengthening the State of Beef”. The Animal Manure Management workgroup, along with others working in environmental stewardship at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln came together to develop a backdrop titled “Nebraska’s beef industry thrives by its stewardship”. Along with the backdrop, multiple interactive displays were used to grab the attention of an agricultural audience not necessarily involved with beef production. The Animal Manure Management workgroup’s displays focused on the value of manure and the nutrients it contains. The display included demonstration of manure related iPad apps and a manure jeopardy game as well as a display that visually showed the amount of nutrients in two different types of manure, stockpiled and freshly scraped manure. Glass containers held corn, soybeans and fertilizers containing equal nutrient contents of each other. We engaged the audience by asking them which vessel contained more nitrogen or phosphorus. Mostly people were surprised at the nutrient content of the manure relative to bottles of corn or fertilizer.