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Ingersoll, C. L. and S. W. Perin. (1893) Cost of Farm Crops. (Bulletin of the Agricultural Experiment Station of Nebraska, Bulletin No. 29 - Volume 6, Article 3)


The present bulletin is an inquiry into the" Cost of Farm Crops," as produced at the State Experiment Station, under the following conditions:

1. The crops were treated substantially as upon the farms ordinarily found in our state.

2. The labor was all charged against the fields at the uniform rate of 15 cents an hour for each man and team, or at the rate of $3 per day of ten hours.

3. Substitute the farmer anywhere in the state for the Experiment Station and charge his time and that of his team at the same rate, and the conditions, except soil and climate, are identical.

The fields on which records are prepared and which enter into this bulletjn are as follows:

Field No. I-Corn -- Field No. 2-Corn and hay -- Field No.3-Hay. -- Field No.6-Hay -- Field No.7-Wheat, oats, and rye. -- Field No.8-Corn.