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Zhang Hong,, Ren Lixin, & Xu Lizhi. Retrospective Review and Contemporary Development of the Reggio Emilia Early Childhood Educational System: An Interview with Carolyn Pope Edwards. In Chinese, translated by Lixin Ren. Early Childhood Education (Educational Sciences), 2016, No. 6, General Number 694, pp. 3-12. [With an English version included.]


In Chinese and English versions.


Dr. Carolyn Pope Edwards, a professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and co author of the book One Hundred Languages of Children , has long been an expert in the Reggio Emilia early childhood educational approach. We conducted an interview with Dr. Edwards and, from the perspective of historical retrospective and contemporary development, reviewed the accomplishments that the Reggio Emilia early childhood educational system has achieved. The interview includes discussions on the core educational value, the theories and practices of curriculum and teaching, the role of teachers and professional development, atelier and atelierista, documentation and educational assessment and even the use of digital technology. Upon the request by the interviewers, Dr. Edwards also provides helpful suggestions and expresses hopes for Chinese educators who are interested in studying and adopting the Reggio Emilia education approach.