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Beyond Words: Teachers Learning Through Visual-Spatial Exploration: Consultation with First-Plymouth Early Education Programs

Carolyn P. Edwards, University of Nebraska - Lincoln

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This year, teachers at First-Plymouth are working to explore new techniques for documenting teaching and learning. The group includes Dr. Carolyn Edwards (researcher, UNL), Nancy Rosenow (director), Ann Watt, Tina Reeble, Kris Van Laningham, Holly Murdock, Joyce White (teachers), Valerie Cuppens (producer), and occasionally others. The goal of the project is to experiment with strategies and technologies intended to promote shared discussion about young children’s visual-spatial learning at school and home. The study group meets monthly to create and share drafts of products (booklets, posters, slide shows) that portray visual-spatial learning. In creating these products (intended for children, parents, or the public), teachers build upon their own visual-spatial skills to represent young children learning.