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Date of this Version

December 2005


This poster was one of the winners at the UNL Research Fair poster session competition, April 5, 2006.


I. Peer Review of Teaching Project This project provides a way for college faculty to work with others in a supportive context to document and reflect on both the quantity and quality of student learning. Faculty members work in groups of 3-5 for a semester or year to support each other's exploration of not only what students learn but also how they learn, for a particular selected course. Personal goals: To improve teaching delivery and teaching methods for the enhancement of student learning and student professional development.

II. UNL's Peer Review Process The purpose is to improve college teaching and “make learning visible” by: • Carefully describing course objectives and structure and investigating teaching strategies and student understanding and performance • Reflecting with others on the course’s effectiveness and the links between teaching and the learning achieved or not achieved • Documenting the process in a course portfolio • Putting the portfolios on the web to be shared among the universities in the Peer Review of Teaching Consortium (Nebraska, Indiana, Kansas State, Michigan, and Texas A&M)