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How Can Students Learn About Documentation Throughout a Teacher Preparation Program?

Carolyn P. Edwards, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Julie Jones Branch, Ruth Staples Child Development Laboratory

Document Type Article

Poster presented at the Innovations Seminar at the annual conference of the National Association for the Education of Young Children, Chicago. Based on Carolyn Edwards' funded Project 2003-2004 through the National Center for Information Technology in Education (NCITE) at the University of Nebraska.


The University of Nebraska implemented a new teacher preparation program called Inclusive Early Childhood Education Birth to Grade 3. This task required faculty collaboration across three academic departments. Program faculty found that we shared many elements of educational philosophy and were committed to creating a coherent, innovative program.

We wondered, could we embed documentation strategies in a systematic way throughout the program of study, in order to help students gain competence and confidence gradually and progressively? Could we create a logical set of interweaving experiences for students?