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Barrett, J.S., Schachter, R.E., Gilbert, D. et al. Best Practices for Preschool Music Education: Supporting Music-Making Throughout the Day. Early Childhood Educ J (2021).


Copyright © 2021 Jentry S. Barrett, Rachel E. Schachter, Danni Gilbert, and Mathew Fuerst, under exclusive license to Springer Nature B.V. part of Springer Nature. Used by permission.


Active engagement in music has numerous academic and social benefits for young children and music-making is included in many early childhood standards and preschool curricula. The purpose of this article is to provide quality resources for classroom teachers to use in providing music-making activities for young children, ages 3–5. Although teachers may use music in their classrooms, we provide resources and suggestions for more intentional and extended integration of music-making. Specifically, we identify best practices for preschool music education based on key standards and research as well as with common music pedagogies. We then turn to concrete examples of how teachers can implement these music best practices throughout the entire preschool day. We provide ideas and resources for whole-group activities, focusing on choice-time/center activities and ways to incorporate music activities in other academic areas as these seem to be of greater need for teachers. Finally, we use the stated best practices to review the alignment of a sample of commercially available preschool music curricula as an additional support for teachers.