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Published in Ethos: The Journal of Psychological Anthropology 29(3):239-246. Copyright © 2002, American Anthropological Association. Used by permission.


The Society for Psychological Anthropology cosponsored a symposium at the American Anthropological Association meetings in November 1999, honoring Beatrice Whiting and her work. At this symposium, 14 former students, colleagues and collaborators presented papers and discussion comments. The organizers (Thomas Weisner and Susan Abbott) sought to reflect Whiting's varied interests and projects, and worked to include different generations, students, collaborators (graduate and undergraduate), and projects. This special issue presents a set of seven papers from the symposium. Each contribution focuses on one or more of Whiting's career-long interests, including gender, women's work and education, social structure and child socialization, adolescence, and culture change and modernization.