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Hamel. E., Leeper Miller, J. (2013). "Mud Glorious Mud: Embracing Messy Play." National Association of Education of Young Children National Conference. Dallas, Texas. November, 2014. Poster Presentation


Mud Glorious Mud: Embracing Messy Play has been a presentation at numerous local and one national conference (NAEYC) with the purpose of modeling how to engage children, families, and teachers with the sense of wonder in the natural world around them. The poster is a demonstration of how to document and share events that involve the community.


The perfect companion to nature is messy play. Allowing children (and pre-service teachers) the opportunity to touch, prod, splash, toss, and experience the natural world through their senses is a must. Teachers created opportunities for children to wonder, engage and marvel in the natural world through hands on experiences; using mud day to spark interactions and inquiry among children, families, teachers and mud.