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Published in 2008 National Conference on Feral Hogs. April 13-15, 2008; St. Louis, MO Hosted by the Missouri Department of Conservation. Used by permission.
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Advanced technology of our nation’s military dominates the battlefield in combat. However, we are currently at war with feral hogs in our country and severely losing the battle in many states. Traditional methods are not effective. We have used lessons learned from experienced Soldiers to implement tactical strategies and design equipment for the four-legged feral enemy within our borders. Technical advances in thermal imaging equipment derived from military operations are being applied to feral hog control in southwest Georgia using first to civilian market infrared equipment. These infrared devices allow users to acquire and identify targets in total darkness out to ½ mile solely from their body heat. Other innovations in military technology such as long range radio frequency tracking systems and infrared trapping equipment have been instrumental to effectively reduce feral hog populations in southwest Georgia.