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Published in 2008 National Conference on Feral Hogs. April 13-15, 2008; St. Louis, MO Hosted by the Missouri Department of Conservation. Used by permission.


Wildlife Services personnel have attempted to alleviate damage caused by feral hogs to grain crops surrounding a wildlife management area for the past 12 years. The hogs are damaging primarily corn and milo crops which border a 12,000 acre wildlife management area owned by the Army Corps of Engineers and managed by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Numerous methods have been attempted to lower the hog population and reduce the amount of damage suffered by the area farmers. Methods employed by Wildlife Services have included live trapping, shooting, snaring, dogs, aerial hunting, spotlighting, and the use of infrared and night vision equipment. The success and results of these methods have been varied and are influenced by a number of limiting factors including cover, public use, and somewhat limited access to certain properties.