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Summer 2019


Gamma Sigma Delta Nebraska Chapter Newsletter, Issue #57, Summer 2019


Copyright 2019, the Chapter. Used by permission.


In this issue:

President's message, Gary Brewer

Welcome new members

Gamma Sigma Delta scholarship winners: Kaitlin Taylor and Micah Most

Recipients of Gamma Sigma Delta Awards:

Award of Merit for Outstanding Achievement: Terence Hejny and Marjorie J. Kostelnik

Excellence in Research Award: Rodney Moxley

Excellence in Teaching Award: Jennifer Wood

Excellence in Extension Award: Amit Jhala

Outstanding Graduate Student Award: Meetpal Kukal

Outstanding Graduate Student Finalists: Ethan Barnes, Jordan Reinders, Luis Eduardo Sabillón Galeas, Rafael Segura Munoz, and Junsi Yang

Arthur von Bergen Memorial Award: Shannyn Bird and Molli Hagge

Outstanding Undergraduate Student: Erika Swenson

Outstanding Undergraduate Student Finalists: Brianna Krokaugger and Heather Stamm

Outstanding Undergraduate Senior: Kaitlin Taylor

Outstanding Undergraduate Senior Finalists: Molli Hagge, Trevin Ball, Shannyn Bird, and Micah Most

Annual meeting and seminar, Nebraska Chapter Gamma Sigma Delta, Thursday, April 11, 2019, submitted by Dana W. R. Boden, Chapter Historian

In Memoriam: David Lee Keith [1940-2019]

In Memoriam: David S. Wysong [1934-2018]

In Memoriam: Lowell E. Moser [1940-2019]

In Memoriam: Jack Schinstock [1948?-2019]

Gamma Sigma Delta committees 2019

Gamma Sigma Delta Outstanding Graduate Student Award Fund

Gamma Sigma Delta 2019 annual dues notice for Nebraska Chapter

Active members Nebraska Chapter Gamma Sigma Delta

Membership renewal form

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