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Pulished in Technical Research Project Completion Report, Project No. A-018-NEB, Agreement No. 14-31-0001-3227, Nebraska Water Resources Research Institute. Copyright Merlin P. Lawson 1971


The purpose of this study was to measure the spatial and temporal dimensions of drought occurrence in Nebraska. Such interpretations were facilitated by the computer generation of 468 maps showing monthly values of drought in Nebraska, from 1931 through 1969. While it was found that the frequency of consecutive drought is least in the central portion of the state, the intensity of drought is greatest in this region. Maps of correspondence which relate the areal correlation between rural population density and precipitation also indicate high positive relationships for central Nebraska. Interpretation of tree ring growth values using moving t-test plots did not demonstrate the cyclical recurrence of drought. A short review was conducted as to the economic and climatic impact of irrigation on future droughts in Nebraska.

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