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Published in Terra Antartica. Copyright 2000, 7(3), 369-372 Terra Antartica, Universite di Siena.


Gravel-free, high-resolution (1-metre spacing, 32 channel) particle size data from the CRP-2/2A drill core indicate that many of the diamictites were likely deposited from floating ice. Textural dislocations occur at most sequence boundaries and provide independent corroboration of the sequence stratigraphic interpretation. Likewise the data largely support the correlation drawn (Fielding et al., this volume) between the sequence stratigraphic cycles and the regional seismic stratigraphy (an alternative correlation to Reflector ‘f’ is also suggested). The gravel-free data appear to be reflecting predominantly regional (global?) forcing with some possible local effects, and long-term trends persisting through gravelly textural dislocations.