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Pulsed South-Westerly Migration of the Zagros Deformation Front during the Miocene-Recent: Seismic Evidence from the Persian Gulf [Abstract]

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Published in the Proceedings of the 33rd International Geological Congress, Oslo, Norway, August 6-14, 2008. Copyright 2008, IGC. Used by permission.


First paragraph of abstract: The Zagros Simply Folded Belt (ZSFB) is a spectacular example of an actively deforming mountain belt, formed by the ongoing collision of Arabia and Eurasia. Typically, the deformation front of this orogen is placed at the NE margin of the Persian Gulf. However, recent work suggests that basement deformation extends considerably further south-westwards into the Arabian basement. In addition, the locations of recent earthquake epicentres in the Persian Gulf imply that the deformation front is actively migrating to the SW. The migration of the terrestrial deformation front has been investigated using remote sensing of fold morphology and drainage alteration, and the spatial distribution of frontal structures has been mapped. These data indicate a model for deformation within the ZSFB that includes episodes of footwall collapse, combined with the process of serial folding above intermediate detachments in the cover succession.