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Citation: Henrys, S. A., T. J. Wilson, J. M. Whittaker, C. R. Fielding, J. M. Hall and T. Naish (2007), Tectonic history of mid-Miocene to present southern Victoria Land Basin, inferred from seismic stratigraphy in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica, in Antarctica: A Keystone in a Changing World – Online Proceedings of the 10th ISAES, edited by A. K. Cooper and Raymond C.R. et al.,, USGS Open-File Report 2007-1047, Short Research Paper 049, 4 p.; doi:10.3133/of2007-1047.srp049


New and existing seismic reflection data in southern McMurdo Sound have been used to investigate Neogene tectonic history of the Terror Rift adjacent to the Transantarctic Mountains and along the western margin of the West Antarctic Rift System. Seismic data image a young rifting episode that is largely unsampled by CRP and CIROS drill holes. Data reveal up to 3.5 km of post middle Miocene strata deposited in this part of the NNW-SSE trending Terror Rift basin. Mapped fault trends in the southern Terror Rift parallel the axis of the basin and are prominent in a 40 km wide zone north of Ross Island. Displacement on individual faults in this zone can exceed 100 m and faults collectively accommodate approximately 10-15 km of middle Miocene to recent extension.