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American Journal of Science, 5th Series, Vol. 36, No. 213 (September 1938), pp. 220-227.


The Nebraska State Geological Survey is primarily concerned with the stratigraphic classification of the Tertiary lithologic units in this state. When the stratigraphic relationships are fully understood, the faunas can be properly and correctly related and named, whether the stratigraphic names or others are used. It should be understood that this survey, in determmmg its acceptance of stratigraphic names on the basis of priority, is making every effort to differentiate names which have been applied in a strictly stratigraphic sense from names which. while they may be older, were applied in only a geographic or faunal sense and have only locality significance for the most part. the term "Niobrara River" for example. Therefore this survey is in agreement with Mr. F. Walker Johnson and Dr. George Gaylord Simpson that the name "Valentine" is applied properly only when used for the lower unconsolidated sands and gravels in the lower part of the Ogallala. This survey definitely disagrees with the use of the terms "Niobrara River" (in any sense) and "Valentine" for the upper part of the section as applied by Stirton and McGrew in several papers. We feel that F. Walker Johnson has done a very fine piece of work and a great service in straightening out the confusion in terminology in the Valentine, Nebraska. area, and that others have only confused a situation which was not very clear to begin with.