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Science, New Series, Vol. 82, No. 2127 (Oct. 4, 1935), p. 325


A RESOLUTION has recently been adopted by both houses of the Nebraska legislature to conserve the scientifically very valuable deposits of fossil and other prehistoric remains which occur in the state. This is not to be construed as an unfriendly move on the part of the sponsors of this act. The Nebraska Geological Survey welcomes serious scientific study and research within the state by all persons and institutions who seriously desire to investigate and collect for purely scientific purposes. There is no intention to restrict or curtail the collection of materials by properly accredited representatives of educational institutions and museums. It is hoped that this act will encourage greater cooperation and more complete understanding between scientists from without the state, who come to Nebraska, and the personnel of the Nebraska Geological Survey, the Nebraska State Museum, and other properly constituted staffs of scientists within the state. Persons or institutions who desire to collect in Nebraska should make contact with the state geologist or an authorized representative of the Nebraska State Geological Survey. No set of specific regulations are at present contemplated and such may not be found necessary, if all persons concerned cooperate to the fullest extent