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Published by the University of Nebraska Conservation and Survey Division, Lincoln Nebraska Geological Survey.


The interesting geographic and even strategic position of Nebraska between regions of mountain and interior glaciation during the Quaternary was emphasized by A. L. Lugn, Professor Emeritus of Geology at the University of Nebraska, more than thirty years ago. The earlier studies are summarized in two principal works by Lugn (1935; 1939a; see Selected References), to whom this guidebook is dedicated, much has been learned since and much remains to be recorded concerning the Tertiary and Pleistocene of Nebraska. In this centennial year, commemorating the beginning of a second century of geological instruction at the University of Nebraska, it seems best to look ahead, not back. Those who honor the University and the Field Trip Committee by participating in this excursion and the following scientific sessions in Lincoln will surely ask questions which cannot now be answered. In the two days allotted for the trip on the Late Pliocene and Early Pleistocene (Fig. 1) we hope to visit fifteen selected geologic sections, which will give some background for this topic. May we welcome you to Nebraska!