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Date of this Version

June 1900


Published in Science [N.S. Vol. XI. No. 283.]


Through the generosity of the Hon. Charles H. Morrill, of Lincoln, the expeditions sent out from the University of Nebraska, known as the Morrill Geological Expeditions, have become a permanent organization of the University. Therefore, it is but a fitting mark of respect that reports of these expeditions be given to the Nebraska Academy of Science from time to time in order that they may become matters of record. Introductory to this work, a private geological excursion was undertaken in June of 1891, by Mr. Erwin Hinckley Barbour in the interest of the University of Nebraska. At this time the Daemonelix beds of our State were discovered and explored, and the Bad Lands of Nebraska and regions in South Dakota were visited, the result being that a very considerable collection was made and several new genera and species found. In May of 1892 a second trip (likewise at private expense) was made to the Sioux county Bad Lands and to the Daemonelix beds. Again a large amount of material was secured and added to the collections of the State Museum. At this juncture the Hon. Charles H. Morrill, of Lincoln, came forward with liberal contributions for the prosecution and continuance of the work. Then followed during June, July and August of the same year the first of what has become the annual Morrill Geological Expeditions.