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Published in EOS (October 2003) 84 (43): 457-458, 460-461. Copyright 2003, American Geophysical Union. doi:10.1029/2003EO430002 . Used by permission. Link to pre-print version:


Women have been receiving a greater proportion of the bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the geosciences over the last 10 years, reaching near 40% in 2000 (latest data available), while receiving only 28% of the Ph.D.s that year. Women are now only 20% of assistant professors at Ph.D.-granting institutions, a proportion that has not changed in the last four years. As part of a larger study to find what key barriers continue to prevent larger numbers of women geoscientists from becoming academics, data have been compiled from the National Science Board [NSB, 2002], and the American Geological Instititute's (AGI) Directory of Geoscience Departments [Claudy, 2001] on geoscience specialty by gender.