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April 1991


I am now Vice President for Research and Education for the National Wildlife Federation (NWF)—the world's largest conservation organization. The Federation has 5.6 million members and supporters. In this position, I no longer have a small clientele of a few thousand people. In this position, hundreds of thousands of people watch NWF very closely. We have a real slice of American life in the Federation. Consequently, I have had the opportunity to see things in a broader perspective; I have been forced to broaden my horizons. What I see now causes me great concern. I see changes in the way people look at natural resources, and the way we manage and use these resources. I do not see us passing on the traditions and the values as we once did. I do not think that if I would have looked into a Magic Eight-ball, I could have predicted all the changes that I have seen or that they would have happened this fast. Do you know what a Magic Eight-ball is? It is a ball that you ask a question, turn upside down and read the answer. My son uses it often to find out if we are going to buy an Nintendo, or if peas are going to be served for supper, or if he will get a raise in his allowance. Even that Magic Eight-ball would not have helped me see the speed of change that has come. Although, many of us saw change coming.