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Date of this Version

October 1981


The following research needs in wildlife damage control were suggested by workshop participants during the October 14 afternoon session.
Damage assessment/distribution and magnitude of damage, and assessment techniques
Urban problems
Crop cultural practices
Blackbirds in urban areas and grain crops
Deer in crops
Woodpecker repellents
Bat toxicants
Prairie dogs/single-dose toxicants
Bait formulations, especially for pocket gophers
Humane techniques
Predacides, including the M-44
Training of students and professionals
Attitudes of the public
Gas cartridges
Pigeon toxicants
Predator and game management
Predator and range management
Antelope in relation to weed dispersal and to fences
Relocation effects on populations
Economics; cost-benefit
Bird frightening techniques
De-barking by mammals
Seed protection using systemics