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April 1991


The Livestock Protection (LP) Collar is the most selective, specific control technique available for removing problem coyotes that are actually attacking livestock. Since its registration several years ago, adoption of this tool has been fairly slow by ranchers in Texas. To facilitate the adoption of this control technology, a broadcast-quality educational videotape was produced to outline common mistakes made by users and to develop better methods for applying the collars. Collar inventor Roy McBride shares his expertise relative to common mistakes and hints for ensuring success with collars. Also, the rationale behind the development of "county collar pools" is discussed. The intended audience for this tape is users and prospective users. It will be used to supplement existing training materials during LP Collar certification programs. Copies (VHS only) of the tape can be purchased by sending a check or money order for $20.00 per copy, payable to T.A.E.X., to the author.