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April 1991


Abstract: One's views regarding the relative or absolute merits of predators are largely a matter of individual perspective. Surveys have documented that rural and urban residents differ greatly on the scope of predator problems and methods for predator management. In order to educate the urban public, a broadcast quality videotape was produced that outlines the controversy surrounding predator control in general, and coyote control in particular. This video examines the coyote from the perspective of a sheep rancher, an "environmentalist," and an ecologist. The intent of the program is to neither praise nor condemn the coyote, but to provide the viewer with unbiased information relative to coyotes in Texas. Throughout the program, the intent is to present the urban viewer with an urban analogy to a rural problem, so the viewer can relate better to the situation. The script of the program is complemented by some quality coyote video, including some rather unique footage of deer chasing coyotes, and the narrator's (Rex Allen) voice recognition to the target audience. Copies (VHS only) of the tape can be purchased by sending a check or money order for $20.00 per copy, payable to T.A.E.X., to the author.