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December 1975


The economic impact of birds on agricultural crops in the U.S. is quite substantial -- perhaps as much as $100 million dollars. Methods for reducing this damage can be categorized as biological, mechanical, and chemical. The chemical approach appears to have the most potential. An avian repellent, methiocarb, has proven to be effective for reducing damage by a variety of species of birds to many sprouting and ripening crops and fruit. An avian chemical frightening agent, 4-aminopyridine (Avitrol), if federall registered for use for protecting ripening field corn and sweet corn and was shown to be effective for reducing damage in sunflowers and sorghum. An avian toxicant, 3-chloropara-toluidine hydrocloride (DRC-1339) (Starlicide) is federally registered for reducing populations of starlings in cattle and poultry feedlots.