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Distribution of the bobcat includes the 48 contiguous United States and limited occupance of southern Canada and northern Mexico. There are 11 subspecies, the one in Wyoming being Lynx rufus pallescens. Bobcats inhabit an amazing variety of habitat types, from northern boreal forests, southern swamp, and cane regions to the below sea level desert of Death Valley, California. Throughout this vast area, they utilize a wide variety of prey species. One study in Wyoming revealed at least 18 different species in the stomachs of bobcats; the cottontail rabbit being predominant. A similar study in New England revealed 20 different species with white-tailed deer being the most common. In California, the wood rat has been found to be the most favored prey, and in Texas the cotton rat predominates. All of these studies point to the bobcat being an adaptable and opportunistic predator.