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December 1983


No-till and disked cornfields were examined in southwest Iowa to determine small mammal population densities, movements, and impacts of rodent depredations on corn seedlings. Two replicates of the treatments corn planted into. corn stubble, corn planted into chemically treated sod, and corn planted into spring-disked fields were studied during the 1982 and 1983 growing seasons. Grids of 100 Sherman live traps were established at the edge and middle of each field to determine rodent densities and document possible encroachment of small mammals from nearby habitats. Trapping experiments were conducted for 6 consecutive days during May, August, and November. To assess crop damage, 5 164 ft. (50 m) transects were established in the edge and middle of each field. Corn seedlings were examined every other day for the first 10 days post-emergence.