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December 1985


The purpose of this paper is to report on a telephone survey to 15 professional wildlife damage control workers in 9 of the 10 Great Plains states. North Dakota was the only state that was not contacted. In this survey we asked the following five questions: 1. Do you have any video tapes on wildlife damage control? 2. How many counties are there in your state? 3. How many County Extension Offices have videocassette recorders (VCRs)? 4. What is your opinion of video tapes? 5. Do you see a future for VCRs in wildlife damage control extension education? Another purpose of this presentation is to show you a review of short excerpts of some wildlife damage control extension education video tapes. Only 3 of 9 states currently have wildlife damage control video tapes. The 9 states represented in this survey contained about 763 counties. Nearly all of the county extension offices have or soon will have the capability to show video tapes. It is estimated that in homes with television sets in the United States, nearly one third have VCRs.