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December 1993


Increasing public concern about injuries caused by foothold traps has resulted in a considerable amount of research for more humane traps. Much of this research effort has focused on evaluating the Victor No. 3 Soft-Catch trap manufactured by Woodstream Corporation, Lititz, Pennsylvania (Linhart and Dasch 1992). Research has concentrated on two major areas: (1) efficiency and selectivity of different trap types and modifications used for capturing coyotes (Canis latrans) and (2) reducing animal injuries associated with trapping (Phillips and Mullis 1991). The Soft-Catch trap has been shown to reduce foot injury sustained by most captured furbearers (Tullar 1984, Olsen et al. 1986, Linhart et al. 1988, Olsen et al. 1988, Onderka et al. 1990).