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11th proceedings, 1993.


When a new snake repellent came on the market, Dr. Ts Snake-A-Way, consisting of 7% naphthalene and 28% sulfur, we began to receive some inquiries as to its efficacy. To satisfy our own interest and that of potential consumers, we established a test protocol. The test room was 10 x 20 ft. in size with a 10 ft. ceiling and the floor was smooth concrete. As per label directions, a 12 inch wide band of the granular repellent was sprinkled on the floor in a center strip both lengthwise and crosswise in the room which divided the room into 4 clean, repellent free, areas. A snake seclusion box was placed in each of the quadrants and each snake was tested individually by releasing it in one of the quarter sections and monitoring its movements within the room. In 1-hour tests